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The USB 3.0 flash drive

PR industry has been involved in data storage devices over 10 years, with mature technology, compatibility, performance and stability, our USB 3.0 flash drive is recognized by consumers around the world. In addition, the United States also provided through the service, to make our products more competitive.

Our advantages:
1, our USB drive can be done from plastic, metal, wood, diamonds, PVC and other materials as required. Mold can also be used;
2, USB 3.0 flash drive is a large array of types, such as gifts, promotional, sports goods, automobiles, cartoon, card type, and so provide;
3, the company LOGO can be printed by screen printing, color printing, laser engraving and other crafts USB drive.

1, this mobile hard drive capable of faster transfer speeds, and the standard 3.0 requirements;
2, the drive does not require external power. Plug and Play is available;
3, the data can be stored safely for a long time to product-resistant virus, vibration, humidity and electromagnetic interference;
4. You do not need to compromise a large storage capacity and low price between;
5, our USB 3.0 flash drive that supports hardware encryption, write protection and USB boot;